When I Want To Stop Repetitive Bad Memories.

The question is Why is this post it in English ? Aha Cause I don’t want anyone know about this thing. It’s about my memory.Actually I don’t want to keep it in

my mind cause that I try to stop repetitive bad memories.

“I ever have that horrible memory that makes you feel like crawling under the table (this is no joke) maybe it is something that makes you shudder ,but it just jabs your mind in its stomach.” It’s useful to have who want to stop those bad memories. For you… try these steps even if they sound strange. (actually it’s crazy.)

1. First, embrace that bad memory; like accept who you are and how your life is. Feel it. Shout, pound on the floor or cry if you have to (Guys, it’s OK to let your emotions loose and cry if something really hurts deeply. Sure It’s not for a little scratch…). Just let the feeling into your conscious mind. Soak it up, absorb your grief or sorrow. Think about it. Recall the memory and try to think it through

2. I know, you’re going to try get over “denial.” One step of grieving is denial which is a feeling like you may sometimes wonder whether a past event actually happened or not. Stop wishing that it didn’t happen For example if your girlfriend/boyfriend left you .She/He had new a person or bababa… but in deep you know that he or she has gone. That is an example of denial.

3. Don’t get distracted from this difficult realization. Lock yourself in your room if you have to. Don’t turn on the TV. Maybe you will have to take a sick day or get to life’s usual routine late today.f it is too distracting…

4. Keep embracing the feeling of that memory for a while. You will know when you have truly let it be accepted. Then continue…

5. Examine your feelings now that you did that, or if you couldn’t do it, that shows that you haven’t truly let the feeling be known. The only way to conquer it is to face it and all of the feelings If you suck . Repeat the process if this was unsuccessful please.

6. Accept Get over the memory of the humiliation that you felt…Live positively despite that difficult past experience (Sure I can’t right now 555). Hopefully, you have conquered the dreadful feeling–like fear. Let the memory stay inside you. Don’t block it out. Let it come when it comes and learn to shrug it off.

7. Believe in yourself, “That was then, this is now.”  I can do everything that I need to do to get on with my life..

8. Things change. You cannot possibly spend the rest of your life hurting the way you do now; human beings are dynamic and change is a part of life. “The way you felt then and the way you feel now are not the way you will feel forever.” So every moment spent thinking that you will always be hurt by these bad memories is a moment wasted!



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