I swear

Make yourself a better person and know who you are before you try to know someone else and expect them to know you. 1. I have ever talked too much especially about bad experience of love of my friends so that time. I just want to talk with someone. However, for her, I try to be a pity man. In fact, I knew it. It should not be done. 2. I had a terrible friend. Everyone in a group has love. Sound good right? However, they love like man love women. The guy#1 loved the guy#2 , the girl#3 loved the guy#4 and the guy#4 loved the guy#1. It’s not really loved as the friend, that I want. Even so, I did know. Why I stay in the group? Maybe that time I don’t have many friends. She tries to draw me from. That’s excellent. I feel pleasant until someone in that group came my home. Sure I don’t want to associate with him. I photographed him and send to her, and she said back. Please stop contact me. That was the last time we talked. 3. I had the other one.
For this love. I’ll….No…. I have to be a better man. Everything it is not happen again.